How to Complete Your To-Do List Every Day 
Without Even Trying
If you are struggling with productivity or procrastination, this is the key!
Free kickoff Class On Feb. 13 
9 AM Pacific Time
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For the week-long, butt-kicking, hand-holding 
daily support extravaganza!
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STOP struggling
You'll learn how to stop struggling to complete your to do list and put an end to procrastination.
Habits are NOT tasks
There's a high change you are asking your brain to make way too many behavioral shifts at once...habits are NOT tasks! I'll show you how to differentiate.
Put it on "Auto-pilot"
I'll show you how to put productive tasks on auto-pilot so you don't have to use mental energy for everything you do...this saves time, energy and your personal bandwidth.
** PLUS - HUGE $500 value bonus: just show up on the webinar LIVE and I'm offering a BRAND NEW offer -- EVEN if you're a current Success by Rx member, you'll want to check this out!
About the Presenter
Jenae Spry
Productivity & Performance Coach
Jenae Spry has been a translator for over 14 years and she's been coaching freelancers to help them multiply, not just increase, their incomes, find more time to spend on what's important to them and generally take ACTION. Jenae grew her own freelance business 4X in just 3 years and is passionate about helping others do the same.
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